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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here is the middle of summer...2013

If you are like me, you haven't been thinking very much about school. Although I see that I have had a few views to the blog, and I've been late in updating it. I really have taken the summer off - after summer school.
We had a great time in drama this year, and I had many laughs with Fun and Games. I hope everyone had a great time too.

One of the things we did in Fun and Games was to make story videos from just taking pictures. Using MovieMaker, we turned the pictures into videos and had a great time creating 3 minute videos. I wanted to share them with students, but I've found that the size is too big to email. We may have to wait until school starts to share them.

Have you been thinking about words? There is a fun site with a variety of vocabulary. It can be found at

Anyone interested in the Spelling Bee. You can visit this site to practice your spelling. It's the National Spelling Bee site:
An interactive site by Annenberg Learner can be found at

Have you been working on a story or video? Have any of you completed a movie for extra credit? Don't forget that you can go to the movies and write a review of what you saw.
I thought I would do a quick little video using MovieMaker and my dog Dylan the Corgi. He is one of my favorite subjects. It didn't take long, and I found a website that has royalty free music that you can use online. It's called "purple planet royalty free music" at

 Here's my little video called "Summer" starring Dylan the Corgi.    

Until the next post....


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