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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching up and Vocabulary

I wager to guess that many of us are avoiding the thought of getting back into the routine of school. I've been working in my garden, working on the computer, and playing with Dylan dog. However, I went to the school on Tuesday to pick up some new vocabulary books. Yes, for those of you really reading this blog, we are getting new vocabulary books. There is an on-line component, games to help you practice the words, and fewer lessons. Remember we always had 30 lessons and skills after every third lesson? Well, those days are gone. There are no skills and 16 lessons for sixth grade and 20 lessons for seventh and eighth grades. I guess that means more time for reading comprehension and grammar! If you're interested in checking out the new vocabulary, you can go to this web site and check it out.  You can find it at  Click on the student section.

I finally finished the digital story "Pignapped" we worked on during summer classes. I can appreciate the difficulties with synchronizing different types of technologies and programs. That's one of the reasons it's taken so long to finish it.  I've added it to the blog for those who want to watch it. 

We still have some time to enjoy summer and the hot weather. I'll be writing again, soon.
Mrs. Watson


  1. I remember starting to help work on it during digital storytelling. I was excited to see the amazing final product

  2. Thanks! I can give you a copy so your sister can see it.


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