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Monday, August 2, 2010

Reminder of Summer Extra Credit…

Well students, school will begin in the next few weeks.  If you’ve been like me, you have been thinking of many, many things – but not school.   If you suddenly remembered you need/want to do some summer extra credit before it is too late, I have a few suggestions for you.

Vocabulary:    Have you found some interesting new words in your travels and adventures? Did you watch a movie and heard a word you didn’t know what it meant? Write down a few (at least how you think they are spelled) and track down the meaning.  Here are a few ideas:      1. scuppernong: This word can be found in To Kill a Mockingbird.        2. hurdy-gurdy: it is an actual word in the dictionary.                          3. caduceus: All that have had Greek mythology should remember this word.  It is linked to a specific god.

Literature: Read any good books?  Don’t forget to keep track of your reading this summer.  Library Programs, book reports, letters, journals, are all acceptable ways to keep track of what you read.

I read the second draft of my son’s first novel, Chewing on Pen Caps.  It will be available through Amazon and Create Space, hopefully, by September.  He has already published his first book of poetry, The American Idlers. Both are very good.

Writing: Have you gone on any trips this summer?                              I visited San Francisco, which may not sound like very far, but tourists from all over the world travel to the exciting city. For us, it’s only a few hours away, and we may forget what can be found.  The Pier is always great with the smell of the ocean, seals, and fresh fish.  Don’t forget to visit Alcatraz – the famous prison on the island. We went for the day – a cold, windy, foggy one in July. Getting there involved a ferry to the island and a very long walk up a winding road to the entrance.  They give you a head set, and as you walk through the prison you hear the voices of former guards and inmates explaining what you see.

If you went on a trip, did you take pictures?  On Pier 39 is a mirror maze.  My daughter and I went inside just to take pictures.  You can get lost.  I thought I would include some interesting pictures on the blog.  Use these as a jumping off point for a short story.  If you have your own pictures, use one to write a story that is very divergent from your actual trip. [divergent: to go off in a different direction].


Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I may, or may not, return to the blog before school starts.  It’s time to think of lesson plans, vocabulary tests, and field trips. Two weeks isn’t that long to be prepared; although by winter break, two weeks will seem like paradise.

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  1. Dear Mrs. Watson,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and hope to be able to go to the mirror maze on Pier 39.Also my family and I have been to San Francisco and Pier 39 a couple of times and have had many great experiences between the candy shop(I loved the fudge:)),food, and whale watching!

  2. Hi Annalise,
    I think we forget how lucky we are since we live so close to many beautiful places. I must say, I love the shops, seals, and food, too.

  3. I got to visit Santa Barbara and it was epic... I got to see the UCSB Campus and I think that I will try to go there if I can't go to Cal. I also went to a Christian camp with a couple of friends from school and three tennis camps... I know its a bit late to be commenting but I hope you will be able to read this anyways.



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