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Monday, August 1, 2011

August Update

Hello to my students! A bit of time has passed since I last updated my blog.  I've been taking short trips to Tahoe/Reno and San Francisco. California has much to offer.  However, I've noticed this is the first of August, and school will be starting before we know it. Hopefully, you've thought about doing some summer extra credit.  In the middle of February when the second trimester grades are due, some of you will be wishing that you had completed some summer projects.

I was on campus a couple of weeks ago, and the inside of the classes have been painted and the floors waxed.  They were still working on painting the outside of the buildings.  I'm looking forward to rearranging the room to accommodate the new Whiteboards.  I have to go to class to learn how to use them!  We should never stop learning. By the way sixth grade girls who were in my Cunning Creations class, the lovely faces outside the sixth grade room are still looking at those who pass by.

I've been working on the WASC accreditation this summer. I noticed one thing as I had to write to the "educational writing prompts" I was given.  It was difficult to make sense of what was expected of me. The writing prompts were unclear, full of words I needed to look up to make sure I had the right definition, and frustrating.  I wondered how many of you feel that way with the writing prompts you're given during the course of the school year.  I would like to have some feedback from you.  Please know that if anything is unclear during class, ask for help and clarification. I don't like to feel frustrated, and I'm sure you don't either.

I'm going to be  posting some questions to the readers of my blog over the next couple of weeks. Here is your opportunity to contribute to what we will be learning this year.  I'm making lesson plans over the next couple of weeks. I'm open to some changes; it seems natural since we're changing the room around and using new Whiteboards. Respond/comment on the blog.  Let me know you're reading this.  (It will be one of the ways I will give you extra credit for following my blog.)

QUESTION for TODAY: What would make the LITERATURE units more interesting for you?  Please be specific.  

I've been playing with the settings on my camera.  I've got to start thinking about the 2012 Yearbook. I thought it might be fun to try some new techniques.  I took this picture at our hotel one night in San Francisco not far from the airport.  I rather like the image. 

"Fire Dancers"



    I thought this was cool. The codes are free to use and easy to make, and a lot of kids at our school either have their own smart phone or a parental unit who has one.

  2. Hi Landon,
    This sounds interesting. Maybe we can check it out for this year. Are you interested in working on the Yearbook?

    See you in Class!
    Mrs. Watson


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