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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello everyone,

I took some time off after school was out to enjoy some time with my family. However, the first Monday of summer vacation found me back at school learning new ways to use the Promethean board. It was actually fun! The second Monday of summer vacation found me back at school teaching Summer School at St. Albans. This was the fifth year Mr. Cook and I taught our drama class. We had a great time with drama games, writing our own plays, and making up songs to produce original musicals. This was the third year we've had classes in the afternoon. The first year I did Making Your Own Paper. The second year I did Cunning Creations, and this year I did Digital Storytelling. We wrote stories and published them in PowerPoint or Movie Maker. Some storytellers decided to write the stories in Word, too. We had a great time in the Computer Lab.

For an example, I took several photographs I had taken and wrote Haikus to go with each one. I then put them together on Movie Maker and added music. Then, for the first time, I put it on YouTube. I'll put a link on the blog if you would like to see what I did. Maybe it will inspire you to try to do something, too.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation, but don't forget about doing some summer extra credit. It's worth it in February of next year - trust me.

Here is the link for my Digital Storytelling Example:

Empty chairs by the boxcar...


  1. That was a cool video. You should do more.

    1. Thanks Reina! Maybe I'll work on some original ones to use with the Monday Planners next fall. Do you have any suggestions?


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