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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Extra Credit Reminder

Well, here we are in the last few days of summer vacation. I was at the school straightening my room earlier in the week. There are still many things to do, but they will have to wait a few more days since I came down with a cold. Who knew you could get a cold in 100+ weather. It been over a year since I had any type of sickness, so I guess I shouldn't complain. It has forced me to rest a few more days.

I wanted to remind those of you who read this about summer extra credit that will be due the first week of school (that includes through the end of August). Hopefully you have been keeping track of things you have done - reading, writing, performing - anything related to language arts. If you took our summer drama class or my digital storytelling class that counts towards extra credit. If you are following this blog, it counts for extra credit, so be sure to write it down. I don't always remember. Bring in your lists, reports, videos, writings, and scrapbooks, and I'll give you an extra credit card.

I've been working on a website that you will be able to access on the St. Albans' website. I wanted to make sure that all students had access to the MLA format when they had to do bibliographies. In the process of completing it, I ended up making my own website. I have links to Essay writing, General English Classes, and Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade English classes. I've posted important handouts and some interesting ideas. For those of you interested in working on the yearbook this year, I've posted the link to the Yearbook Avenue log in page. If you're reading this, you can check it out early by going to . I have my own domain name...that sounds a bit intimidating.

I may have another blog post before school starts. I think I'll try to write on a bit more regular basis. We'll see.
Mrs. Watson


  1. Thank you for the reminder about extra credit. I can't believe that summer is almost over!


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